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S.V.S.Designs Ltd was formed in 2008, by the owner and primary craftsman Stan Somerford, when after being in the trade for over 37 years, circumstances dictated that he should branch out and start a manufacturing business of his own, he did so with the intention of creating fine handmade pieces for the trade and private customers alike, with his ability to give his creations that personality and life that makes the customer not only want to wear the piece whenever they wish but also feel that it is part of them.

           Stan started in the trade as a naive 16 year old, with Clifford & Tull, having no idea how the jewellery in the shops got there, never dreaming that someone might sit for hours creating the designs and models, painstakingly working to achieve the end result. After 3 years of practicing making all sorts of pieces, some good some bad, but enjoying every minute of it, he moved on to an old established firm of manufactures by the name of J.H.Lucas, where he was shown the ropes by people who had been in the trade for over 40 years, which was a great learning curve.

Then shortly before his 21st birthday he joined T.O'Donoghue Ltd which, back then, was a highly successful and buzzing business within the London jewellery establishment, employing 18 craftsmen, making pieces for all major retailers, dignitaries and even royalty. 32 years later, 25 as workshop manager, teaching 10 apprentices of which 8 are still successfully working in the trade. Winning the Jacques’ Cartier award and numerous Gold Senior Diamond Mounter, and Goldsmith Company Awards later, Stan struck out on his own.

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